Life @ Terumo Penpol

  • The Associate Spirit

    Besides our commitment towards quality and penchant for dedicated customer service, the major impetus that propels our growth trajectory and sets us apart from the rest, is the quality of our Human Resource. We recognize the contributions made by our employees, who are referred to as ‘Associates’ and make them an integral part of our success story. Our associates are not considered as mere cogs in the wheel, but the focal point of our very existence.

  • The ‘Sakura’ Way

    We value work ethics and emphasize that our associates adhere to the standard code of conduct termed as Sakura Rules, which is an embodiment of Honesty, Fairness, and Integrity. The work environment at TERUMO PENPOL Pvt Limited is tailored to ensure that the views and ideas of our associates are given due respect and any sort of discrimination, kept at bay.

  • Talent Development/Retention

    We believe that it is equally important to retain talent as much as it is to hire them. As a testimony to this fact, there are many associates who have been a part of the company from the beginning of its journey and have since then grown to higher echelons. The quest for professional excellence of our associates is attuned to the organizational goals as well as the fulfilment of their personal aspirations, resulting in balanced development. This is accomplished by means of Associate Development Programmes designed to meet their learning/growth requirements and an Associate Counselling Centre to supplement their emotional quotient.

  • Terumo PenpoLIFE represents not only who we are, but what we stand for – Open Management, Enhanced Value, Safety and Reliability, Respect for Associates and Corporate Citizenship.

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